Can Your Pet?
The blurred out thumbail photo of the video.


ToadBrawlerSSB4 ShadeOf Pinks

Episode Length


Series In

Random Gaming

Episode Created On

December 13th, 2014


ToadBrawlerSSB4 (filming, editing)

Can Your Pet? is an indie game for the PC, and a game played on ToadBrawlerSSB4's gaming channel.

Game Info Edit

In this game, you take care of a pet chicken. You need to feed it, wash it, play with it, and kill it.

Episode Info Edit

In the episode, ToadBrawlerSSB4 and ShadeOf Pinks play Can Your Pet? for the PC. They talk and play with the pet chicken they have, until the end of the episode, where ToadBrawlerSSB4 does the ultimate troll and kills his chicken.

Trivia Edit

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